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How many Nepalese are in the world?

This is very interesting and challenging question to answer, but we have the answer for it. Total worldwide Nepalese population is approximately 35,762,000, or in other words, 3 crores, 57 lakhs, 62 thousand. See list of countries, population and source below.


Government census data

नेपालको राश्टृय जनगणना २०६८ (सन् २०१२) अनुसार नेपालको जनसंख्या २६,६२१,००० रहेको छ । बिदेसिएका नेपाली १९,१७९,९०३ जस मध्ये पुरुष १६,६३,२३७ (८६ .७ प्रतिशत) र महिला २,५४,६६६ (१३.३ प्रतिशत) रहेको छ ।

According to official government data, Nepal had 26, 621, 000 according to 2012 Nepal Census and 22,736,934 population in 2001. In the United States (USA), there were 59,490 Nepalese American in 2010 and 11,715 Nepalese American in 2001. There were only 3,505 Nepalese in Canada in 2006. In Hong Kong, there were 12,564 Nepalese in 2001.

Nepal Census between 1968-2068 B.S.


List of Nepalese population worldwide:

Nepalese Community Worldwide Nepalese Population (approx.) Gov. Census
Australia 10,000
Bhutan 110,000
Canada 6,000 3,505*
China 21,000
Continental Europe 20,000
Hong Kong 35,000 12,564**
India 4,100,000
Japan 100,000
Myanmar 400,000
Malaysia 300,000
Nepal 30,000,000


27.8 million (Census 2013)

Qatar 100,000
Saudi Arabia 350,000
UAE 50,000
UK 50,000




Total Nepali Population (approx.) 35,762,000 (Excluding Gov. Census)

*Statistics Canada 2006. **Hong Kong Census 2001. *** Nepal Census 2001, ****U.S. Census 2001, *****U.S. Census 2010

Source:, & other sources.

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